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Born Digital
An informal term for a work created from scratch in electronic form, for example, a hypermedia thesis or dissertation, or an electronic journal that has no print counterpart. Preservation dilemmas are posed by the rapid obsolescence of digital equipment and formats.

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Citation Index
A three-part index in which workcited during a given year are listed alphabetically by name of author cited, followed by the names of the citing authors (sources) in a "Citation Index." Full bibliographic information for the citing author is given in a "Source Index." Also provided is a "Subject Index," usually listing articles by significant words in the titleResearchers can use this tool to trace interconnections among authors citing papers on the same topic and to determine the frequency with which a specific work is cited by others, an indication of its significance in the literature of the field.

Citation indexing originated in 1961 when Eugene Garfield, Columbia University graduate in chemistry and library science and founder of the fledgling Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), received an NIH grant to produce the experimental Genetics Citation Index, which evolved into the reference serial Science Citation Index. ISI subsequently published Social Sciences Citation Index beginning in 1972 and Arts & Humanities Citation Index from 1978.

Clay Animation
Stop-motion film animation in which the subjects are modeled in a malleable substance, such as plasticine or silicone rubber, usually against a background which may also be deformable (see this example). For each frame, the position of at least one of the subjects is altered incrementally, creating the illusion of continuous movement when the footage is played back at the usual 24 frames per second. Clay animation is very labor-intensive because twelve changes are generally required for each second of film. Synonymous with claymation.

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