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Monday, December 7, 2015

Type of Research

Descriptive Research
Survey and fact finding enquiries
Description of the state of affairs
Ex pot facto research
No control over the variables
Report only what has happened & what is happening.

Analytical Research
With facts and information already available
Analyse and make the critical evaluation method.

Applied (Action Research)
Finding solution for an immediate problem
Concerned with actual life and social problems
Removes prejudices, preconception and false ideas.

Fundamental (Basic Research)
Concerned with generalisation and formation of theory (Human Behaviour)
To discover new but broad principles

Based on measurement of quantity
Determine the relationship between variables

Concerned with qualitative phenomena
Aims to discover the motives of human behaviour

Related to some abstract idea or theory
To develop new concepts or to reinterpret existing ones

Empirical (experimental research)
Relies on experience or observation alone
Is a data-based research
To test hypothesis of casual relationship between variables

Historical Research
Aims to apply reflective thinking to unsolved problems
Source like, documents, remains etc.
Based on past events/ideas facts and attitudes
Social insight and historical orientation is necessary
Conclusion and decision oriented

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Layout of Research Report
A. Preliminary pages- preface, foreword , table of contents, list of tables and illustrations
B. Main Text- Introduction -subject matter, statement of problem, objectives, ROL,
significance, scope, conceptual framework , methodology adopted , limitation and
cha pterisation ,
-Analysis and Interpretation of data
-Statement of findings and recommendation
- Conclusion
- Suggestions for future research
C. End Matter- Bibliography, appendix, Index

Good Research Report
Title of the study
Statement of the problem
Review of Literature
Area and scope of study
Objectives of the study
Formulation of Hypothesis
Definition of concepts
Sampling Design
Constructing of questionnaire
Collecting of data
Analysis of data
Interpretation of results
Reporting and finding conclusion (Results)
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