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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Research Aptitude Questions with Answer

1. Which one of the following is NOT correct?
A belief becomes a scientific truth when it
(a) Is established experimentally
(b) Is arrived logically
(c) Is accepted by many people
(d) Can be replicated
2. To study the relationship of family size to income a researcher classifies his population into different income slabs and then takes a random sample from each slab. Which technique of sampling does he adopt?
(a) Random sampling
(b) Stratified random sampling
(c) Systematic sampling
(d) Cluster sampling
3. In which of the following respects is a theory ‘NOT’ different from a belief?
(a) Antecedent consequent relationships
(b) Acceptability
(c) Verifiability
(d) Demonstrability
4. The most important question that a researcher is interested to use statistical technique in his problem then he has to see
(a) whether the data could be quantified
(b) whether appropriate statistical techniques are available
(c) whether analysis of data would be possible
(d) whether worthwhile inferences could be drawn
5. Which one of the following is NOT an attribute of culture?
(a) Shared
(b) Transmittable
(c) Innate
(d) Learnt
6. Read the statement and then answer the question:
Honesty is the best policy. Is the statement
(a) a fact
(b) a value
(c) an opinion which is not a value
(d) a value judgement
7. The major source of urban pollution in
India is
(a) industry
(b) noise
(c) drainage
(d) automobiles
8. Talented people came to India and many of them rose to prominence in the service of the Mughals. They settled down in India and made it their permanent home because
(a) they found the climate of the country very good
(b) they hoped to earn a lot of money in the country
(c) of liberal policy of the Mughals in matters of faith
(d) of facilities of investment in commercial undertakings
9. The forefathers of many successful industrialists in Bombay originally came from Rajasthan. The forefathers of Shri J. Birla who is a resident of Bombay came from Rajasthan. Therefore, he is or will be a successful industrialist. The inference is
(a) not correct because it is not true that all Rajasthani’s are successful industrialist
(b) correct
(c) not correct because it is not true that all industrialists in Bombay are from Rajasthan
(d) not correct because Shri J. Birla may or may not be related to the big industrialists’ house of Birlas
10. In Column I below are listed some elements. Against each set of elements some properties are listed in Column II which is common to all the elements of the set. Study the two columns carefully and then answer the question given under these columns:
Column I Column II
J, K, N, O u, w, x, z
K, L, M, N, O w, x, y
K, N, O, P u, x, y
K, L, M v, w, x, y
which property is found in the least number of elements?
(a) U
(b) V
(c) W
(d) Z
11. Below are listed some qualities
(i) Keenness of observation
(ii) Persistence
(iii) Industry
(iv) Faith
(v) Logical reasoning
Which of the above qualities do you consider essential for a research scientist?
(a) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)
(b) (ii), (iii), (iv), (v)
(c) (i), (ii), (iii), (v)
(d) (i), (iii), (iv), (v)
11. A school teacher wants to convince the parents of his students about the desirability of unit/ periodic test as against the end of year test. Read the statement given below:
If students are constantly under the tension of examination they will not develop real interest in any subject.
The above statement
(a) strongly supports the teacher’s position
(b) supports but only tangentially the teacher’s position
(c) contradicts the teacher’s position
(d) is unrelated and not relevant to the teacher’s position
12. With which of the following propositions about research you do not agree?
(a) Research is a joy in itself
(b) Research leads to finding solution too many problems of the society
(c) Research contributes to social progress of the country
(d) Research improves the quality of teaching
13. A good researcher lays his hands on
(a) a specific area and tries to understand it in minute details
(b) several areas and tries to understand them at fundamental level
(c) any area as long as manpower and funding are available in plenty
(d) all the above
14. On matters of academics (knowledge) a researcher should consider himself as
(a) entirely dependent on the teacher
(b) open minded and radical
(c) a Status-quo maintainer
(d) fairly knowledgeable
15. Which of the following is not “essential” for communicating a research work?
(a) command over language
(b) Statement of objectives
(c) Conclusions drawn
(d) Procedure followed

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