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Friday, June 19, 2015

Computer Networks and Internet Objective Question with Answer (21-30)

21. The size of IP address in IPv6 is
a) 4bytes
b) 128bits
c) 8bytes
d) 100bits
22. The header length of an IPv6 datagram is _____.
a) 10bytes
b) 25bytes
c) 30bytes
d) 40bytes
23. In the IPv6 header,the traffic class field is similar to which field in the IPv4 header?
a) Fragmentation field
b) Fast-switching
c) ToS field
d) Option field
24. IPv6 doesnot use ______ type of address
a) Broadcast
b) Multicast
c) Anycast
d) None of the mentioned
25. These are the features present in IPv4 but not in IPv6.
a) Fragmentation
b) Header checksum
c) Options
d) All of the mentioned
26. The ____ field determines the lifetime of IPv6 datagram
a) Hop limit
b) TTL
c) Next header
d) None of the mentioned
27. Dual-stack approach refers to
a) Implementing Ipv4 with 2 stacks
b) Implementing Ipv6 with 2 stacks
c) Node has both IPv4 and IPv6 support
d) None of the mentioned
28. Suppose two IPv6 nodes want to interoperate using IPv6 datagrams but are connected to each other by intervening IPv4 routers. The best solution here is
a) use dual-stack approach
b) Tunneling
c) No solution
d) Replace the system
29. Teredo is an automatic tunneling technique. In each client the obfuscated IPv4 address is represented by bits
a) 96 to 127
b) 0 to 63
c) 80 to 95
d) 64 to 79
30. Which of the following is not applicable for IP?
a) Error reporting
b) Handle addressing conventions
c) Datagram format
d) Packet handling conventions

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