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Friday, June 19, 2015

Computer Networks and Internet Objective Question with Answer (1-10)

1 The IETF standards documents are called
a) RFC
b) RCF
c) ID
d) None of the mentioned
2 In the layer hierarchy as the data packet moves from the upper to the lower layers, headers are
a) Added
b) Removed
c) Rearranged
d) Modified
3 The structure or format of data is called
a) Syntax
b) Semantics
c) Struct
d) None of the mentioned
4) Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ______________ transmission
a) Automatic
b) Half-duplex
c) Full-duplex
d) Simplex
5) The first Network
6) The _______ is the physical path over which a message travels
a) Ppath
b) Medium
c) Protocol
d) Route
7) Which organization has authority over interstate and international commerce in the communications field?
a) ITU-T
c) FCC
8) Which of this is not a network edge device?
a) PC
b) Smartphones
c) Servers
d) Switch
9) A set of rules that governs data communication
a) Protocols
b) Standards
c) RFCs
d) None of the mentioned
10) Three or more devices share a link in ________ connection
a) Unipoint
b) Multipoint
c) Point to point
d) None of the mentioned

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