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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

List of people known for contributions to the library Profession

Reference: Wikipedia 
→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Ada Adler
·         Mary Eileen Ahern
·         Derek Austin  →LIS Cafe-Home
·         Lester Asheim
·         Henriette Avram (MARC standards developer)
·         Antoine Alexandre Barbier
·         Basil Atkinson
·         John Davis Barnett (Canada)
·         John J. Beckley (first librarian of Congress, also noted as politician)
·         Sanford Berman
·         John Carlo Bertot (library educator, researcher and editor of The Library Quarterly')→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Bob Berring (notable law librarian)
·         Anastasius Bibliothecarius
·         James H. Billington (13th librarian of Congress, also noted as historian)
·         Jane, Lady Roberts
·         Thomas Bodley (founder of the Bodleian Library and English diplomat; 1545 -1613)→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Arna Bontemps (author, bibliographer, and Fisk University librarian)
·         Daniel J. Boorstin (12th Librarian of Congress, also noted as historian)
·         Virginia Boucher (longtime leader in both the ALA and the International Federation of Library Associations; author of library science books)
·         Wallace Breem (noted novelist and law librarian)
·         Suzanne Briet
·         Lee Pierce Butler
·         Leon Carnovsky
·         Andrea Crestadoro
·         Charles Ammi Cutter
·         Mayme Agnew Clayton
·         Marjorie Cotton (first professionally qualified children's librarian in New South Wales, Australia)
·         John Cotton Dana (1856 - 1931)
·         Robert Darnton
·         Lorcan Dempsey→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Melvil Dewey
·         William S. Dix
·         Karl Franz Otto Dziatzko
·         Linda Eastman
·         Margaret A. Edwards
·         El Sayed Mahmoud El Sheniti (seminal figure in professional librarianship in Egypt)
·         Theresa Elmendorf
·         Luther H. Evans (10th Librarian of Congress)
·         Woody Evans
·         Oliver Everett
·         Johann Albert Fabricius (bibliographer)
·         Mary Cutler Fairchild (pioneer library educator)
·         Herman H. Fussler
·         Elizabeth Futas (director of the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, GSLIS)
·         Mary Virginia Gaver
·         Helen Thornton Geer (ALA Headquarters librarian, author, consultant, and professor)
·         Johann Matthias Gesner (bibliographer)
·         Kenneth MacLean Glazier, Sr. (Canadian librarian)
·         Eliza Atkins Gleason (First African American to receive doctorate of Library Science)→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Frederick R. Goff (incunabula scholar)
·         Michael Gorman
·         Jan Gruter (scholar)
·         Camilla Gryski
·         Helen E. Haines
·         Peter Havard-Williams (librarian educator)
·         Frances E. Henne
·         Wolfgang Herrmann (librarian - member of Nazi’s Purification Committee [1])
·         Caroline Hewins
·         Susan Hildreth (former California State librarian[1])
·         Ted Hines
·         Judith Hoffberg (art librarian)
·         Zoia Horn (American librarian jailed for refusing to divulge information that violated her belief in intellectual freedom)
·         Thomas James
·         Thomas Jefferson (sold his library to the Library of Congress[2])
·         Charles Coffin Jewett
·         Carleton B. Joeckel
·         Virginia Lacy Jones (major figure in the integration of public and academic libraries)→LIS Cafe-Home
·         E.J. Josey
·         Muhammad Siddiq Khan
·         Mohammad Khatami (former President of Iran, previously Head of National Library of Iran)
·         Frederick Kilgour
·         Judith Krug (forty year leader of ALA's OIF)
·         Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya (wife of Lenin)
·         Philip Larkin→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Margaret Leiteritz (painter, who based her work of scientific items which she knew as a librarian)
·         Anne Grodzins Lipow (founder of Library Solutions Institute and Press)
·         Seymour Lubetzky
·         Roderick Samson Mabomba (Malawian librarian)
·         Archibald MacLeish (9th Librarian of Congress and Pulitzer Prize poet)
·         Patrick Magruder (2nd Librarian of Congress and politician)
·         Allie Beth Martin
·         Harry S. Martin, former Head Librarian, Harvard Law Library
·         John Silva Meehan (4th Librarian of Congress)
·         August Molinier (French historian)
·         Eric Moon (editor of Library Journal)
·         Anne Carroll Moore (pioneering children's librarian)
·         Everett T. Moore (freedom of information)
·         Isadore Gilbert Mudge (edited Guide to Resource Works)
·         L. Quincy Mumford (11th Librarian of Congress)
·         Ludovico Antonio Muratori (Italian librarian, archivist and historian)
·         Gerhard Brandt Naeseth (Norwegian-American Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library in Madison, Wisconsin)
·         Makoto Nagao (the 19th Director of National Diet Library of Japan, and a computer scientist specializing in digital library)
·         Gabriel Naudé→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Bonnie Nardi (information science)
·         Howard Nixon
·         Margaret Cross Norton
·         Paul Otlet
·         John Henry Pyle Pafford
·         Antonio Panizzi (chief librarian of the British Museum library)
·         Ingrid Parent (Librarian at the University of British Columbia)
·         Nancy Pearl (librarian and author)
·         Pura Belpré (librarian and author)
·         Mary Wright Plummer
·         Effie Louise Power
·         Herbert Putnam (8th Librarian of Congress)→LIS Cafe-Home
·         S. R. Ranganathan (librarian and mathematician from India, best known for his five laws of library science and the development of the colon classification)
·         Fremont Rider
·         Frances Clarke Sayers
·         Louis A. Schultheiss
·         Margaret Scoggin (young adult librarianship)
·         Ralph R. Shaw (librarian)
·         Jesse Shera→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Louis Shores
·         Regina Smith (Jenkins Law Library)
·         Frances Lander Spain (ALA President 1960-61; 1903-1999)
·         Ainsworth Rand Spofford (6th Librarian of Congress)
·         John G. Stephenson (5th Librarian of Congress)
·         Suetonius (Roman historian and archivist)
·         Peggy Sullivan
·         Don R. Swanson→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Friedrich Sylburg (16th-century German scholar)
·         Gottfried van Swieten (Austrian Imperial librarian 1777-1803, introduced first card catalog)
·         Louis Timothee (first American librarian)
·         Arnulfo Trejo (US Hispano-American librarian)
·         Rob Vega (US Hispano-American librarian and noted Wikipedian)
·         Eva Verona
·         Douglas Waples
·         Brian Campbell Vickery
·         George Watterston (3rd Librarian of Congress)
·         Jessamyn West
·         Louis Round Wilson
·         Ian E. Wilson
·         Patrick Wilson
·         John Wilkin (digital library library management researcher)
·         Justin Winsor (Harvard University librarian)
·         Lawrence C. Wroth, at the John Carter Brown Library
·         Victor Yngve
·         John Russell Young (7th Librarian of Congress, also notable as a journalist)
·         Zenodotus (first superintendent of Library of Alexandria and noted scholar of the 3rd century BC)→LIS Cafe-Home

·         Shen Zhurong (father of Library Science in China)
·         Mohammad Khatami (Iranian president and scholar)
·         Reinaldo Arenas (Cuban author)
·         Roland Barthes (French writer and philosopher)
·         Ben Barkow→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Georges Bataille (French writer)
·         Davey Beauchamp (author, editor and voice actor)
·         Ludwig Bechstein (German author)
·         Hector Berlioz (French composer) (Librarian, Paris Conservatoire)
·         Thomas Berger (US novelist)
·         Arna Bontemps (French artist)
·         Jorge Luis Borges (author and poet)
·         John Braine (British novelist)
·         Laura Bush→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Callimachus (poet)
·         Roch Carrier (novelist)
·         Lewis Carroll (author)
·         Giacomo Casanova
·         Isaac Casaubon→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Cassiodorus
·         Beverly Cleary (the novelist)
·         Joanna Cole (children's book author & librarian)
·         Ina Coolbrith (poet & librarian)
·         Frank Coombs (US politician; also State Librarian of California 1898-1899)
·         Gratia Countryman (Minneapolis librarian)
·         Pierre François le Courayer (18th-century theologian)
·         Harinath De (linguist)
·         John Dee (Renaissance magician)
·         Hal Draper→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Marcel Duchamp
·         Will Durant (historian)
·         Eratosthenes
·         Frank Ferko (composer)
·         Benjamin Franklin
·         Edmund Gosse
·         Ed Greenwood (author)
·         Francis Hayman (English artist)
·         Elizabeth Heaps
·         Walter A. O'Brien (US politician; commissioned original version of the song "Charlie on the M.T.A.")→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Edward Singleton Holden (US astronomer)
·         David Hume (philosopher)
·         Hypatia (c. AD 350–370–March 415)
·         Annette Curtis Klause (author of children's books)
·         Stanley Kunitz (former United States Poet Laureate and editor of Wilson Library Bulletin, 1927-1943)
·         Madeleine L'Engle (20th-century novelist)
·         Lao Tsu→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Wilhelm Lexis (German economist)
·         Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz (mathematician and philosopher)
·         Gotthold Ephraim Lessing (German playwright and poet)
·         Li Dazhao (Chinese revolutionary politician)
·         Audre Lorde (20th-century US poet and activist)
·         Archibald MacLeish (author; Librarian of Congress, 1939-1944)
·         Mao Zedong (Chinese revolutionary politician)
·         Alan Noel Latimer Munby (English author)
·         Vaunda Micheaux Nelson (author and librarian)
·         Andre Norton (science-fiction author)→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Christopher Okigbo (Nigerian poet)
·         Major Owens (U.S. House of Representatives/D-NY)
·         Andrew K. Pace (author)→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Charles V. Park (librarian at CMU)
·         Coventry Patmore (19th-century UK poet)
·         Kit Pearson (Canadian writer; winner of the Governor General's Award for English language children's literature in 1997)
·         Benjamin Peirce (logician)→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Per Petterson (Norwegian author)
·         Charles Pickering (naturalist)
·         Marcel Proust (French author)
·         Philip Pullman (fantasy novelist)→LIS Cafe-Home
·         Ken Roberts author
·         Sima Qian (Chinese historian)
·         Greg Dean Schmitz (Online film journalist)
·         Eleanor Roosevelt Seagraves (granddaughter of Franklin D. Roosevelt)
·         Lynne Stewart (American lawyer)
·         June Tabor (British singer)
·         Edward J. Thomas (scholar of Buddhism)
·         Anne Tyler (novelist)
·         Angus Wilson (novelist)→LIS Cafe-Home

Reference: Wikipedia 

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